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  • Grettel Juárez

    Grettel Juárez

    Data Science | Performance Engineering | Technology Consulting

  • Joshua Banks Mailman, Ph.D.

    Joshua Banks Mailman, Ph.D.

  • Satenik Safaryan

    Satenik Safaryan

    Data Scientist with more than six years of experience working in Operations Management, Data Analytics, Finance and Marketing

  • Albina Sitdikova

    Albina Sitdikova

  • Sara Zong

    Sara Zong

    Sara has always been curious about finding patterns from data generated in real-world situations and using those findings to guide decision making.

  • Vetrivel_PS


    ML Engineer & Award Winning Blogger who writes Data Science, AI, & Machine Learning blogs. Connect with him https://www.linkedin.com/in/vetrivel-ps-456b3b73/

  • Apoorva Sharma

    Apoorva Sharma

    Places, Paper, People

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