Interactive Apparel Recommendation System

Recommendation systems are systems that recommend similar products based on the context and the industry they are being used in. They come in multiple flavors. Some of the widely used recommendation systems are :

  • Netflix for Movies
  • Spotify for Music
  • LinkedIn for Human Resources

As part of this project, I built a content-based recommendation system that recommends similar apparel products.

Content-Based recommendation systems

My Recommendation model leverages two approaches to perform content-based recommendation :

  • Approach 1- Recommendation based on Product Features: Implemented Count Vectorizer and TF-IDF to generate word vectors and then used Cosine Similarity to recommend the closest products based on product description and product brand
  • Approach 2- Recommendation based on Image Features: Implemented VGG-16 Convolution Neural Networks to extract image features and then used Cosine Similarity to recommend the closes products based on the image features

Cosine Similarity

Image Source: Wikepdia


Execution Workflow
  • Fetch Data- I leveraged the Kaggle dataset(data source below) which has approximately 180K Women Apparel Product details.
  • Filter out duplicates- Pass the dataset to a filtering algorithm built-in Python to filter out duplicate values.
  • Train the Recommendation System-
  • Capture User Requirements- Built a Web Interface in Streamlit to capture user preferences for a product
  • Recommendation- Based on the user preferences captured on the UI, the model recommends similar products

Filtering Algorithm

  • Scenario A- Same products in different sizes
  • Scenario B- Products with duplicate descriptions
  • Scenario C- Same products with different colors

User Interface



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